The Brownstone Mill

The historic Brownstone Mill was built in 1824 and purchased by Henry J. Wostbrock in 1898. Originally an old textile mill powered by a water wheel, the machines were hand driven to embroider cloth used for flannel petticoats. A large part of the Brownstone Mill is now serving another different function these days. Come visit the many unique shops where you will find antiques, collectibles and services for you.

The Brownstone Mill is located at 11 Paterson Avenue in Midland Park, NJ.

  1. Wostbrock Embroidery
  2. Tesori Furniture
  3. Giavan
  4. Mayfair Antiques
  5. JP’s Kaleidoscope
  1. Herman’s Custom Upholstery
  2. Ichabod Antiques
  3. The Mini Merchant
  4. Dogca Wellness
  5. Fairway Estates Landscaping
  6. Backstage Hair Salon
  7. Backstage Hair SalonFair
  8. way Estates Garden Center